October 2010 Newsletter  


The Lincolnshire Garden Club

“52 Years and Growing”


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Lincolnshire, Illinois                                                                                                                                            October 2010



Chicago Botanic Garden Field Trip

“Up On The Roof”

Thursday, October 21, 2010

1000 Lake Cook Rd., Glencoe

9:45 a.m.


Please join the Lincolnshire Garden Club as it climb to new heights in search of plant knowledge!

We will take a field trip to one of our favorite places, the Chicago Botanic Garden.  Yet, this visit will be unlike any other you’ve taken before!  We will take a guided tour of the Chicago Botanic Garden’s newest display garden – on top of the new Daniel E. and Ada L. Rice Plant Conservation Science Center.  Here we will learn how nearly 200 plant scientists, today’s real super heroes, are saving plants to save the planet.

Our tour trolley will depart promptly at 10:00am from the Chicago Botanic Garden parking lot, so plan to have your car parked by 9:45 a.m.  If you are not a Botanic Garden member, and thus park for free, tell the front gate that you are there for the Lincolnshire Garden Club meeting and they should let you park for free.  Also, to be environmentally friendly, please try to carpool with other members.

No refreshments are scheduled for this field trip, but you might consider grabbing lunch at the Botanic Garden Café after the tour. 



Message from our President, Jan Stefans

What a wonderful start to our garden club year!  I like our new "look" from the hostess committee and appreciate their efforts in getting the club more "green."  Also, i would like to thank Eve Jacobs for putting together yet another field trip for us.


I am looking forward to the Botanic Garden Roof Top Field Trip.  Please remember to be on time for this meeting.  Ann, Linda, and i just did a mini version with our Depke Face-It program at the new Libertyville Permit Center where they have done a roof top garden.  I learned a great deal. 



Musings of an Old Rose Gardener, Elaine Petersen

And now autumn is here in all its robust glory.  It was noted 19th century  poet William Cullen Bryant who wrote, “The melancholy days are come, the saddest of the year.”  I certainly don’t agree with him.  In fact, when October’s here I think it’s my favorite month.  Of course, in March I think March is; and June is June.


There’s nothing melancholy about autumn. And if anyone says, “Oh, but everything is dying.  Soon the world will be black and white-and cold!  And I hate winter,’ and so on, and on and on, let him come with me now out into the garden, the woods and the meadows.  The mums are dazzling, the asters are still blue in the fields, the sumac and burning bush are a blaze of scarlet, the sugar maples in Wright Woods are a brilliant splash of yellow and red and a little green against the clear blue sky. Autumn’s sunlight makes the ornamental grasses glow with special brilliance.


On the other hand, Helen Hunt Jackson looks at October with joy and writes:


                The goldenrod is yellow,

                The corn is turning brown,

                The trees in apple orchards,

                With fruit are bending down.”


Autumn is a time of sweet disorder and permissible procrastination. There’s nothing sad about October and there’s still plenty to do in the garden, if you feel like it, on nice days.



Depke Update by Ann Maine

On Monday, the 4th of October, our faithful President, Jan, Linda Berryman and I joined the boys from Depke and their staff for a personal tour of the green roof and other stormwater improvements at the Lake County Permit Center in Libertyville.  We were given a personal tour by the Chief Engineer of Stormwater Management Commission (SMC) , Kurt Woolford and Wetlands specialist Joe Hemelinski.  Joe started by showing us maps and explaining watersheds and the waters in Lake County.  Almost 20% of the surface area of our county is covered in water.  Then we walked to the second floor of the building and out onto the green roof.  We learned that contrary to expectations, the plants on a green roof are ones that grow under dry conditions.  Since the roof was just put in this spring, they do water it.  There were butterflies among the plants.


Later, we walked around the grounds and saw the retention ponds with mesic plants.  There was even a cardinal flower still blooming.  Joe had made a word puzzle for the boys to fill in as they learned about different types of plants.  We walked around the parking lot and saw how it had been designed with openings in the curbs to direct the water into the bioswales.  These look like regular ditches, but in reality have been engineered with a mixture of sand and gravel, instead of the usual clay, so that the water can drain into the soil.  In addition, they are planted with native plants whose roots will eventually be 6-10 feet deep.  The roots create additional crevices, which aid in the water drainage.


Finally we walked around (but not in) the wetland.  It looks as if it has always been there, but it, too, was built with the project.  The tall grasses around it keep the geese away.  We all found the tour very interesting.  Since part of the stormwater project was built with a federal grant, part of SMC's job is to give tours and educate the public.  We certainly felt they did a great job and encourage others to arrange a tour and see it for yourself.



  • Corrections to Yearbook – please make the following corrections to your 2010/2011 yearbook: 1)  Our November meeting is incorrectly listed on a Friday.  It will be Thursday, November 18th.  2) Our Annual Benefit, listed in April, will now take place May 6th.  3) Instead of having a General Meeting in May, we will have a General Meeting and Program on Thursday, April 21st.
  • Members’ Mailbox Competition – Our internal, friendly, competition of mailboxes has been expanded to include attractive front entrances as well.  As we head into the various holiday seasons, there will be ample opportunities to create beautiful and inviting mailbox and front entries, so go wild.  Feel free to nominate another member or yourself by sending an email to our committee at hospitality@lincolnshiregardenclub.com.


Going Green

We are always looking for new ideas and suggestions to be ecologically friendly, so please send them to Jeanne at newsletter@lincolnshiregardenclub.comNew ideas will be highlighted in one edition of the Newsletter and then moved our new Recycling section on the Lincolnshire Garden Club website.  This sight will include, among other things, upcoming special recycling events and a list of recycling locations for specific items.



Calendar of Upcoming Events


Thursday, October 21              Chicago Botanic Garden Guided Tour


Thursday, November 4            Board Meeting, 9:15 am, Lincolnshire Village Hall


Thursday, November 18          General Meeting, 6:30 pm, Vernon Area Library


Thursday, December 2            Board Meeting, 9:15 am, Lincolnshire Village Hall


Thursday, December 9            Holiday Luncheon, home of RoseAnne DeHaan