November 2010 Newsletter

The Lincolnshire Garden Club

“52 Years and Growing”


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Lincolnshire, Illinois                                                                                                                  November 2010



“Winter and Shrub Trimming”

Gilbert and Leslie Smith, co-owners of Arborsmith, Ltd.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Vernon Area Public Library

6:30 pm – 8:30 pm


Many members have said that their partners or friends would love our programs, but are unable to attend our morning meetings.  In response to this feedback, the club is trying something new this month by having an evening program.  So plan a “date night” with your sweetie, or invite a friend to join you at this informative and timely program.


Gilbert and Leslie Smith, co-owners of Arborsmith, Ltd. will present their very practical "Winter and Shrub Trimming" course.  These two really know their stuff!  They were proud to have been featured in Better Homes and Gardens Do It Yourself magazine, and have been guest faculty at both the Chicago Botanic Garden and Morton Arboretum.  Every student Gil and Leslie have ever taught came away saying they had fun and learned a lot in the process.



Message from our President, Jan Stefans

Happy Fall to All,


It was a breezy day for the Roof Top Garden Club Field Trip to the Botanical Gardens.  We had a fabulous tour of the new science building and then went up to the roof to view the newly planted gardens.  It was definitely worth the trip.  Check out the pictures Rick has posted on the web site.   And speaking of the web site we are very fortunate in having such a diligent team.  Thank you Lois and Rick for all your efforts in keeping our web site current.


I am looking forward to our first ever evening meeting on November 18th.  Please feel free to invite guests.  See you then.  I am running out to the garden to finally do my fall clean up.



Musings of an Old Rose Gardener, Elaine Petersen

Say Goodbye to an Old Friend


I just said goodbye to my neighbor.  A brisk chilly wind wildly tossed the dry leaves in my path as I slowly walked down her driveway for the last time.  Kathy was a young bride when she and her husband moved into their newly built home on a spring day forty years ago.  In short order they welcomed their first daughter, soon to be followed by four more daughters and a son.  Their children grew up, went to college, got married and moved away.  After her husband died Kathy continued to maintain her beautiful but empty home until she realized that it was time to move on. A huge van arrived early this morning to load her possessions for the move to a much smaller home.  And so on a windy, gray fall day she closed this chapter of her life. 


I think there is an analogy to a garden here.  We come to our first garden as new brides, inexperienced but eager to create something beautiful.  In springtime our garden grows and blossoms.  Nourished by the summer sun and rain the garden matures.  And then in the fullness of time, when the chill winds blow, we must say goodbye to our beloved garden.  But there will be another garden next spring.  Perhaps this new garden will be smaller and easier to tend.



From Our Webmaster, Rick Sanders


Jeanne Top has started putting our Newsletter on the web site; June 2010-November 2010 are already there. Over the next few weeks, she will gradually add back issues so you can go back and review that favorite article or yours.


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  • The Holiday Luncheon on Thursday, December 9th will now be at Beth Konieczny's house, 14458 W. Mayland Villa Court, Lincolnshire.  Your admission ticket for the Luncheon will be a donation of food, paper products or toiletries to the Vernon Township Food Pantry.  Please do not bring any glass bottles (they break) or large quantity packages (difficult for the recipients to transport)
  • Spruce Tops, and all the planter accessories, go on sale at Hawthorn Gardens (24481 N Old McHenry Rd, Hawthorn Woods) on Friday, November 5th.  For all of you who attended the workshop there several years ago, you know what wonderful arrangements can be made for the holiday season.  For those of you unfamiliar with spruce top designs, click here.  They sell out fast, so make sure to buy early in the season!
  • Kimball and Bean Architectural and Garden Antiques (3606 S. Country Club Rd, Woodstock), another garden club program is having it annual Home for the Holidays sales event Friday, November 26th – Sunday, November 28thClick here for their website with times and directions.
  • Yearbook – If you haven’t received your 2010/2011 yearbook, please contact Meg Zimmermann at
  • Corrections to Yearbook – please make the following corrections to your 2010/2011 yearbook: our Annual Benefit, listed in April, will now take place May 6th and instead of having a General Meeting in May, we will have a General Meeting and Program on Thursday, April 21st.
  • Members’ Mailbox Competition – Our internal friendly competition of mailboxes has been expanded to include attractive front entrances as well.  As we head into the various holiday seasons, there will be ample opportunities to create beautiful and inviting mailbox and front entries, so go wild.  Feel free to nominate another member or yourself by sending an email to our committee at


Going Green

Pacific Ocean Plastic Makes Vacuum Cleaner

By AUDREY McAVOY - Associated Press Writer - Associated Press

Wednesday, October 27, 2010



In this Oct. 15, 2010 photo provided by Electrolux AB, a vacuum cleaner made with plastic trash that washed ashore in Kahuku, Hawaii is seen in Stockholm, Sweden. The machine is fully functional and can suck up dirt from a rug like any other vacuum. But the company said it wants the device to serve as an object that provokes a conversation about the large volumes of plastic trash that are polluting the world's oceans. (AP Photo/Electrolux, Pekka Stahlnacke)

There's a story behind the blue, white and green plastic covering the surface of the Pacific Ocean vacuum cleaner. They're tiny bits of plastic collected from one of Hawaii's dirtiest beaches, Kahuku, where waves dump trash from the Pacific all day long.  The machine made by Electrolux AB is fully functional and can suck up dirt from a rug like any other vacuum. But the company said it wants the device to serve as an object that provokes a conversation about the large volumes of plastic trash that are polluting the world's oceans.

The Stockholm-based company has also made four other vacuums, each from plastic trash collected in the Indian Ocean and the Mediterranean, North and Baltic seas. None of the five are for commercial sale.  Cecilia Nord, vice president for sustainability and environmental affairs at Electrolux's floor care and small appliances division, said many groups are doing their best to clean the ocean and beaches of plastic.

But the problem keeps growing because people continue to consume more plastic without recycling it afterward, she said.  "We — as a big manufacturer with a global reach — can start a debate and hopefully can contribute to addressing the root cause," Nord said.

Electrolux received its Pacific Ocean plastic from a Hawaii-based volunteer group that cleans up Kahuku beach once a week. The remote shoreline is one of Oahu's dirtiest, in part because current flows tend to deposit trash on that side of the island.  "We can be there on any day and see it coming in on each wave," said Suzanne Frazer, president and co-founder of Beach Environmental Awareness Campaign Hawaii.  Garbage also quickly accumulates at Kahuku because the beach is behind two private properties and can't be easily visited by beachgoers who pick up trash on Hawaii's more populated shorelines every day.

Plastic breaks down into smaller pieces slowly over time but doesn't ever completely disappear. In the ocean, currents carry the small bits to areas where massive gyres of plastic garbage have formed.  One spot between Hawaii and California the size of Texas has been dubbed the "Great Pacific Garbage Patch." Researchers recently found a similar plastic trash gyre in the Atlantic between Bermuda and Portugal's Azores islands.

Seabirds eat the plastic bits — particularly ones that are a bright red or orange — thinking they're squid, fish eggs or other food.  Some Laysan albatross, a seabird that nests at Midway atoll northwest of the main Hawaiian islands, die of starvation with their stomachs full of plastic.  Electrolux's Pacific vacuum has only a few red or orange pieces because marine animals have eaten most of the brightly colored plastic trash pieces before they wash ashore.

Carey Morishige, outreach coordinator for the marine debris program at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, said people should use less plastic and reuse and recycle what they do use.  "If it's still going in, we're still going to have to clean it up," Morishige said. "The ultimate solution is going to be in stopping this stuff from getting into the ocean in the first place."

Reminders from Going Green

Please remember to remove the twist-off caps from your plastic bottles before putting them in the recycling bin.  The cap and bottle are made of different types of plastics, so the whole unit won’t be recycled.  It is easier/cheaper to throw the capped bottle away then to spend the time at the recycling center to remove the caps.


We are always looking for new ideas and suggestions to be ecologically friendly, so please send them to Jeanne at newsletter@lincolnshiregardenclub.comNew ideas will be highlighted in one edition of the Newsletter and then moved our new Recycling section on the Lincolnshire Garden Club website (  This sight will include, among other things, upcoming special recycling events and a list of recycling locations for specific items.



Calendar of Upcoming Events


Thursday, November 18        General Meeting, 6:30 pm, Vernon Area Library


Thursday, December 2           Board Meeting, 9:15 am, Lincolnshire Village Hall


Thursday, December9            Holiday Luncheon, 11:00 am- 2:00 pm at the home of Beth Konieczny, 14458 W. Mayland Villa Court


Thursday, January 6               Board Meeting, 9:15 am, Lincolnshire Village Hall


Thursday, January 20             General Meeting, 9:15 am, Vernon Area Library