The Flower Press - - a newsletter of the Lincolnshire Garden Club
May 2010

A Spring Country Picnic

at Brushwood, Ryerson Woods, Lincolnshire

Thursday, May 20, 2010

11:30 am - Luncheon

1:00 pm “Arrangements for a Country Picnic”

Jeannie Fanning, Twigs, Lake Bluff

Please join us on Thursday, May 20th for our annual spring luncheon and new officer induction.  The event will be held at “Brushwood,” the old Ryerson home on the Ryerson Woods property of the Lake County Forest Preserve.  Brushwood is a lovely facility that invokes memories of an old fashioned family picnic of our childhoods.  Hopefully, the weather will be nice enough that we can sip lemonade or iced tea in the beautiful courtyard.  A light lunch will be served inside the home before our program.  We will have a short meeting to induct our officers for next year.

Our presenter is Jeannie Fanning who has recently opened Twigs in Lake Bluff, a charming gift and flower shop in the downtown area.  Jeannie is a former stay-at-home mom who studied flower arranging at the College of Lake County.  She is starting this new career with her daughter, who studied at the Milwaukee School of Flower Design.  Jeannie will be creating flower arrangements inspired by the theme of a spring country picnic, which would be a lovely touch to your outdoor parties this summer.  I hope you can join to celebrate all that we have accomplished in our club and look forward to our growth to come.

Seats at the luncheon are limited, so fill out the reservation form on the last page of this newsletter and return to Cheryl Mitchell by May 3rd.  The invite is also available on the club’s website.


Jan Stefans, President


This is my favorite time of the year.  Not only is my garden is coming alive, but it is the time when I get to recognize the efforts of our entire Garden Club Board.  What a delightful, dedicated group they are.  Thank you for all that you have done for us this past year.  Two of our "worker bees" will not be returning to a board position.  Cheryl Mitchell, the Vice President of Programs for the last three years will be stepping down.  She has worked with a real creative spirit to bring us a varied, educational and entertaining set of programs.  Not an easy task.  Our up-to-date minutes have been reported by Ellen Strauss for the past two years.  We will miss Ellen's " wait a minute, say that again" presence.  Elaine, Meg, and Linda will shift positions to allow for the new faces of Dinitra Alezakos, Sharon Chamberlain, and Lisa Lewis.  It has been my pleasure to work with all of the Board and I look forward to another fantastic, fun-filled year. 


                                                         Remember, there is magic in the dirt, Jan




By Elaine Petersen

Dandelion Wine

Celebrated author, Ray Bradbury, wrote a semi-autobiographical book, actually a collection of short stories based upon his youth that he entitled Dandelion Wine.  I like the sound of it.  Don’t you?  I’ve never tasted dandelion wine though I recently researched and found a recipe that I may try, seeing as the new crop of dandelions have blossomed on my lawn.  ‘Might as well go green and make good use of what Mother Nature provides.  Now I haven’t been  “stalking the wild asparagus” but those “golden coins” are just so close to home.

When I was a very young girl and I lived in Burnside, a small rather rural community named after Union General Major Ambrose E. Burnside, on the south side of Chicago, the annual spring ritual carried on by the black widows always intrigued me.  My neighborhood consisted predominantly of Italian and Hungarian families. The older Italian ladies always dressed entirely in black would canvass the prairies and vacant lots digging out every dandelion in sight.  These tasty greens were incorporated in their salads and cooking, and the golden blossoms were used to make dandelion wine.  Dandelion wine has a taste suggestive of sherry and a reputation as an excellent tonic for the blood.

I’m too busy these days enjoying life and puttering in my native garden to dig and destroy dandelions.  I prefer to enjoy their beautiful brief moment in the sun.  I will pluck a few golden coins for garnishes and some young, tender leaves to add to a tossed green salad.  When the time comes, I’ll watch their fluffy, down-like seed head parachutes as they are wafted aloft by a gentle breeze. Possibly I can find a bottle of dandelion wine to purchase to enjoy some winter evening as I sit by the fire in the fireplace and think about another dandelion spring!

Plant Yourself at a Plant Sale

The Home page of our web site has a link to an article in the Chicago Tribune that

lists some plant sales going on in the area.  Rick has kindly highlighted the city names of plant sales near us.

UPCOMING EVENTS - Make sure to mark your calendar!

June 1, 2010 - A field trip to Trudi Temple’s farm

For those of you who attended the October program given by Trudi Temple, you know what a delight she is and are aware of all of the interesting and wonderful information she has to share about gardening and life.  During her visit with us she mentioned that we could visit her farm in Marengo.  Cheryl Mitchell recently spoke with her and she is going to be at her farm for Memorial Day weekend.  She feels early June is a nice time to visit the farm to see the conifers in bloom, as well as the gardens.  We will have an official sign-up soon so that we can arrange carpooling.  It is about a one-hour drive to Marengo and Trudi said we should plan on about 2 hours for the visit.  The cost is $5 per person.


June 17, 2010 – Garden Visits and Annual Picnic

Please join us for the annual Garden Walk and Picnic on Thursday, June 17th.  We will visit several garden club member gardens between 9:30 and 11:00 before enjoying a picnic lunch and brief meeting at North Park.  Watch your e-mail for a schedule of gardens to visit.  Please call Cheryl Mitchell if you have any questions about the garden walk, 847-317-0419.