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June 2013

The Lincolnshire Garden Club

“Getting Dirty since 1958”

The Flower Press

Lincolnshire, Illinois
June,  2013

General Meeting and Program

Thursday, June 20, 2013

“Annual Summer Garden Tour and Members Only Picnic”

Members, join us as we bring to a close another entertaining and informative year with the Garden Club. Tour the gardens of a fellow member’s stunning lakefront property in Highland Park, which includes a beautiful Ravine, patio and lush bluff.  And, complete the experience with a delightful luncheon prepared by our Hostess Committee sure to be as savory as the breakfasts they have been providing throughout the year. 

   10:30 am - 1:00 pm

Consult newsletter email for details.

For specific details email:

A Message from our President, Jan Stefans

It's is that time of year to present my heartfelt thanks to one and all.  Now, this is one "newsletter blurb" I do enjoy writing!

Thanks to all of you for making my Garden Club Year a success.  Your attendance at monthly program meetings has been outstanding despite the weather.  Your participation in all of our activities throughout  the year:  the Mini Market, Weed and Wines, field trips, Riverside and Depke activities and your support of their programs make our club a worthwhile non-for-profit organization.

And a huge thank you to the Garden Club Board for all their efforts in keeping our organization running smoothly.  I am going to miss Mary Lou Bartlett, Jane Bisk, Karen Kravitz, and Rick Sanders for their support and volunteerism as they step down from the Board.  True "worker bees" one and all.  Meg, Hazel, Jeanne, Elaine, Lynn, Joan, Barb, Andrea, Ann , Dimitra, Kathleen, Kathy, Sharon, and Eve, while I have appreciated all that you have done this year, I am thrilled that you are again "stepping up to the plate" and volunteering another year.  Finally, welcome to our new board members Mary Ainger, Judy Jenner, Wendy Miller, and Kay Siess, you are in for a lively time.

To all have a wonderful summer and remember...Keep those hands dirty!

Talking Dirt with Linda Lutz

Catching up with Kay Siess, our new Treasurer

Imagine you and your college roommate in the same garden club many years after graduation.  Im sure that none of us have been in that position except our President, Jan Stefans, and our new treasurer, Kay Siess.  They met on the campus of Northern Illinois University when they were just 18.  Both planned on being teachers, but Kays degree was in mathematics from which she launched her first job out of college working for a holding company in Evanston.  Meanwhile, Jan was teaching in Winnetka so they continued to be roommates for a few years.

Kay is excited to be newly retired from Abbott where she has just finished a 31 year career as a financial analyst.  The absolute best part about Abbott for Kay was meeting her late husband, Jack.  During their 25 year marriage, Kay and Jack spent lots of time with Jan and her family including, Jans son Jack (who was always referred to as, Little Jack).

When Kay was looking for a garden club in Deerfield and didn’t find one, Jan suggested she join the Lincolnshire Garden Club.   Kay insists that she volunteered to be our new club treasurer, but I think we can all imagine that Jan may have had something to do with it.

Now that Kay has more time she is ready to garden in earnest.  Having grown up in a rural area where her grandfather and great grandfather had farms, Kay had a plot of her own at an early age supervised by her grandfather.  And so her love of gardening began: Kay truly feels she this was the beginning of dirt getting into her blood.  Maybe winning a blue ribbon for the best marigolds when she was 8 years old may have had something to do with it, too. 

Kays small yard has many special plants including Irises from Jan's Mom and rhubarb from Kays grandfathers garden adding a sense of heritage to a well loved garden.   Kays goal is to add more perennials as well as learn from the Garden Club tips and ideas she can implement.

With more gardening in her future, Kay is looking forward to learning all she can.  And arent we lucky that this remarkable friendship has brought the Garden Club not only a gardening enthusiast but a new treasurer! 

At the next meeting, please welcome Kay and thank her taking on the treasurers job (Kay knows she has big shoes to fill and thanks Rick all his amazing work).

Plant Education with Joan Keyes

Plant Identification Challenge
We will wrap up our fun year at the picnic.  Here is your last time to review!

Lesson #1
Chelone lyonii  'How Lips' -    Turtlehead
Euonymus alatus  - Burning Bush

Lesson #2
Gleditsia - Honey Locust Tree
Tricyrtis hirta-Toad Lily

Lesson #3
Asclepias  - Milkweed

Lesson #4 - Edible Flowers
Viola (no botanical name)
Calendula officinalis - Pot Marigold

Lesson #5
Oxalis acetosella 'Purpurascens' - Wood Sorrel
Quercus alba - White Oak

2012-2013 Allocations Committee, chaired by Hazel Weaver

At the May General Meeting, the membership approved allocating money to the following entities:

Habitat for Humanity - $500
LCS has funded Habitat for many years and LCS members participating in their programs have seen past monies put to good use.  The $500 will go towards the Gardening Together program, matching volunteers with new families on Spring and Fall workdays, and 1:1 instruction.  The program includes use of natives in the subdivisions, and a chance to families to learn to begin composting.
Habitat appreciates our support and lists us on their website as well as posting stories on Facebook.
Conserve Lake County - $1180
The Garden Club has funded Conserve Lake County under its previous name of Liberty Prairie Conservancy.  This year the money will be going towards sturdy (and pretty!) wrought iron outdoor seating for their very successful plant sale, and other outdoor educational events that the hold.  Conserve Lake County has become stronger and stronger over the years, and this donation will recognize us as an official sponsor.
University of Illinois Master Gardener Program - $425
Building on their success in 2012, the Master Gardeners are using this money as part of their Phase 2 - Sustainable Edible Display Garden project.  They will be purchasing "garden extending supplies" to get bigger plants in earlier, creating instant impact when teaching, and increasing the amount of edibles that they donate to the local food pantries.
Friends of Ryerson Wood - $1000
Along with funding from other gardening clubs, FoRW plans on using these monies as part of Phase II renewal of the gardens around Brushwood.  Some of you have have been involved in the work done this far.   The gardens are a combination of restoring the former glory, and carefully mixing in more natural native material,  e encourage anyone who hasn't, to take the time to see how beautiful these have and will become with our donation.
Forest Preserve District - $500
The long drought this summer took its toll on all our gardens, including the side garden at the Welcome Center at Ryerson.  Our $500 will help put native plants etc to give one of LGC's favorite venues a more welcoming approach.  Make sure you take a look when we start our new year at the Welcome Center for 2013/2014
Upper Des Plaines River Ecosystem Partnership - $1000
This organization is new to LGC, but Grant Development Committee Member Tori Trauscht has been working with us as part of the Indian Creek Project.  UDPREP is contains members from municipalities, storm water management, non-profit and state agencies amongst other interested stakeholders.  Having met goals from 2006-2011, they are now in the planning stages for their next phase of funding self sufficiency and documentation of their organizational capacity and strategic plan.
While the Garden Club usually prefers to support a more tangible "plants in the ground" type initiative, our research into this organization leads us to believe that we will all reap the benefits of reduced flooding and improved water quality though out the Upper Des Plaines River Watershed.  Our donation will go towards partially fund a planning coordinator, who will be guided by the UDPREP Planning Committee.  As this is a significant donation, the allocations committee will be paying special attention to the way this money is utilized in 2013/2014.  LGC will be recognized in their 2014 plan and on their website.
District 103 Foundation (on behalf of Sprague School) - $1933
This donation will fulfill the remaining educational supplies directly related to the gardening and plant life section of the schools curriculum.  This money will purchase Hot House Germination Stations, Indoor Grow Labs, children's hand tools and kids and teachers gardening gloves.  The children and teachers will be using these in conjunction with the beds already in use.
Daniel Wright School - $1000
As the tree's requested in the last year's allocation are doing well in the refurbished playing fields, we are happy to donate $1000 to finish the plantings.  Not only will these trees improve the quality of the fields, but they will give further educational educational opportunities to the children studying them.
Adlai Stevenson High School - $600
This donation will partially fund lumber and hardware to build a planter box for the garden in the southwest courtyard of the school.  This garden is a learning tool for the Little Patriots, and is harvested and processed by the Food Lab staff and students.  A plaque or sign will acknowledge this grant.

Upcoming Club Field Trips, organized by Eve Jacobs


THURSDAY JUNE 27, 9:30 a.m.   LAKE FOREST GARDEN WALK.  Come and see the spectacular shade garden of Master Gardener Cappy Johnson. Then onto a beautiful sun garden at the home of Suzanne Borean.  Members Only.

WEDNESDAY JULY, 17, 9:30 a.m. arrival  CANTIGNY in Wheaton, Illinois.   One hour private tour of the Robert R. McCormick mansion (3 floors).  One hour private tour of the GARDENS by a Horticulturist.  Lunch at LeJardin overlooking the lovely grounds.  Afterwards on your own visit to more of the grounds or the First Division Military Museum.  Members and Guests Welcome

WEDNESDAY, JULY 31, 9:30 a.m.  METTAWA MANOR!!!!  The estate and property of Bill Kurtis and Donna LaPietra.  A 90 minute private tour with the delightful owners includes the Craig Bergman designed English Walled Garden.  Come see the restored tall-grass prairie and woods, the rose room, spring walk, golden garden, meadow orchard, cutting beds, circle garden, potager, coach house cottage garden, pool and poolhouse, secret garden, ponds AND SO MUCH MORE!!!  YOU WON'T WANT TO MISS THIS OPPORTUNITY RIGHT IN OUR OWN BACKYARD!!!!
Members Only, Guests possible depending on number of members attending.

Details, sign-up, and cost will be coming via e-mail and info will be posted on website.

Looking forward to seeing you this summer!

Member Plant Swaps

I know many people are like me and have some plants in their garden that need to be thinned.  Instead of trying to arrange a plant swap at the picnic, I thought it would be easier to list members who have plants to share and let other members contact them directly.   Recipient members should expect to dig up the plants, so bring your own containers and shovel.  Member contact information is in our yearbook and on the Members Only Page.

MEMBER                        PLANTS AVAILABLE
Jeanne Top                        Purple Siberian Iris
                                              Rubeckia (Black Eyed Susan)

Connie Conklin                various Hosta
                                            European Ginger
                                            Native Ginger
                                            Shasta Daisy

Ann Maine                        Pachysandra
                                            Wild Ginger
                                            Grey Headed Coneflower (flower is yellow)
                                            Prairie Dock

Alice Moody                    Ferns

Julie Sampson                orange day lilies

Susan Gordon-Jones    lots of hosta

Elaine Petersen              Althea shrub (Rose of Sharon) - white, rose and lavendar (needs them to bloom to know which is which_

Linda Lutz                        sensitive fern
                                            variety of hostas
                                            Celadine poppy