June 2010 Newsletter

The Lincolnshire Garden Club

“51 Years and Growing”


The Flower Press

Lincolnshire, Illinois                                                                                                                                                     June 2010




Thursday, June 17, 2010

9:30am – 11:00 am – Garden Walk

11:30 am - Picnic and Plant Exchange at North Park



What a treat we have in store for us this year on our annual garden walk.  Five of our own gardeners will be opening up their lovely gardens to share with us.  We will have the chance to stroll through their yards to see the unique ways they have put together their perennials or the interesting plants they have tried.  Thank you to Janice Hand and Rick Sanders, Lois Hicks, Kelly Dupont, and Joanna Schell.  You will find the schedule inside this newsletter.


After enjoying these beautiful gardens, we will meet at North Park for a summer picnic and plant exchange.  If you would like to participate in the plant exchange, bring small plant divisions in pots or plastic bags with identification tags describing planting conditions.


Hospitality Committee:

    Janice Hand, Chairperson

    Rick Sanders, Chairperson

    Evie Belzer

    Ann Maine

    Elaine Petersen

    Nina Peterson

    Kathy Swager




Jan Stefans, President


What a perfect day, setting, and program we had for our May Luncheon!  Cheryl Mitchell's idea for a garden picnic gave "Martha" a run for her money.  Thank you Cheryl for all your hard work putting together our unique Garden Club affair. 


Sharing is a big part of what we do in our club whether it be knowledge, plants, or friendships.  I know all three of these will be carried on over the summer among our members even though we do not formally meet.  May all of you enjoy this time together. 

                                        Remember, keep those hands dirty...Jan



Elaine now has her own column in the Garden Tips section of our web site.


She has also started to contribute articles to other areas of interest, including a recent article on "Ants in Your Garden" which can be found on the Insects page.



Many members asked about the specifics of our caterer and speaker from the luncheon.  We are glad you enjoyed both, and here is the information you would need to contact them:


Caterer:   Jennifer Wales, YumBites From Home Catering





Presenter:     Mickey Herman, Twigs

                      38 E. Center Avenue, Lake Bluff


                      Owner:  Jeannie Fanning and Erin Fanning

UPCOMING EVENTS - Make sure to mark your calendar!


June 1, 2010 - A field trip to Trudi Temple’s farm


If you have not received the e-mail about the field trip to Trudi Temple’s farm contact Cheryl Mitchell.


June 17, 2010 – The following members’ gardens will be on this year’s garden walk (please consult your yearbook for the house addresses):


Gardens to visit from 9:30am to 10:30am

Janice Hand and Rick Sanders

What a unique opportunity, to have two gardeners in one yard.  Rick gardens the front yard and Janice the back, resulting in beautiful gardens all around. They each have a plan for different sections of the yard with lots of experiments of perennials, native plants, vegetables, bushes, and grasses. Touring the garden gives beautiful views and interesting conversations. Rick and Janice have been working over the last year to install a new rain garden on the side of their house, hopefully over the next year they can share their lessons learned with us.


Gardens to visit 9:30am to 11:00am

Lois Hicks

Lois has done what many of us have said we want to but we haven’t, removed all of our grass!

She and her husband have been working to find the right mix of bushes, perennials, and hardscape, resulting in a peaceful, tranquil setting.  Make sure to see both of their rain gardens, which are an ever-changing experiment.  It is a perk to have two gardeners living next to each other, and Lois says that she and Rick work together to try to make their front yards seamless.


Kelly Dupont

Kelly has a beautiful acre property that she has been learning to garden with since she purchased the home.  When she moved in, the property had many rock gardens, and she has been transforming them over the years. Her wonderful soil is producing an abundance of ferns, bleeding heart, and daffodils.  She has been opening up the yard for her two young boys to run and play while she enjoys the beauty.  She welcomes ideas and suggestions. 

Joanna Schell

When you walk up to Joanna’s home you may feel like you are coming up to a southern plantation and you might want to swing awhile on the front porch.  Enjoy the planters and interesting displays and front gardens, and then take a walk to the back.  Joanna has totally changed her back yard and now has a patio surrounded by gardens. She also has a natural wooded area enjoyed by her two boys; you may want to challenge yourself to the zipline they have created.  A lovely aspect of her backyard is the flow between her two neighbors, the one to the east belonging to Lisa Lewis, a fellow garden club member. 




Rick Sanders, Webmaster


Plants to Share

With the summer months coming up, we will all be looking for plants to fill a void, or for someone who might want our extras. So, I want to again remind you we have a wonderful new page at our Web site. Currently, there are over 30 plant species listed.

It’s in the Garden Tips section, and its called Plants to Share


It is a list of plants that we, as members of the Lincolnshire Garden Club, are willing to share with one another.  You can list your extra plants or new plants you are looking for your garden.

When you add your plants to the spreadsheet, remember to click File, Save and Close.  Also, remember to remove your plants when they are all given away.


Contact Rick if you have problems.  Also, if you want to become a regular contributor to the website, contact Rick and he will give you access to the web site and teach you how to use the very simple page editing tools.


University of Illinois Extension Services

I'm continually amazed by the vast quantity and quality of plant information provided by the University of Illinois Extension Service. So, in the Garden Tips section of our web site:




I've provided links to several of its key sites:

  Home Page, which is a portal to all [plant] things wonderful in Illinois.

  Calendar of Events, which includes training classes.

  Home, Yard and Garden Pest Newsletter, a weekly report on key issues.

  Wildflowers, one of my personal favorites


Membership Access

On July 1, 2010, the Members Only password will change. When the Membership Chair receives your check, she will send out your new password for 2010 - 2011.



2010 - 2011 MEMBERSHIP

If you haven’t already done so, please send in your membership form for the 2010/11 club year.  A hard copy is attached at the end of this newsletter.  However, for ease, you can also access a “fill in the blanks” form on our website.  Click here to get the form, fill in your information and then print off the completed form.




·      Save water by reusing your dehumidifier water to water your potted plants.


·      Electronic Recycling:  Tuesdays and Fridays 7:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.  The City of Highland Park municipal building, 1180 Half Day           Road.


·      Disposal of old major appliances:  Environmental Field Services, 800-480-4337.  This service will collect appliances for a fee that        is much lower than the fee Waste Management charges.


·      Recycle old sneakers:  Sneakers the Vernon Hills Public works building (490 Greenleaf) or the Vernon Hills Park District (635               Aspen Rd.)


·      Household Chemical Waste:  Year-round collections are taken by appointment at SWALCO’s permanent facility located at 1311 N.        Estes St., Gurnee.  Mobile events are held periodically from April through November.  Dates are posted on their website.


Send additional Going Green ideas and suggestions to Jeanne at newsletter@lincolnshiregardenclub.com