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January 2013

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                Lincolnshire, Illinois                                                                                      January 2013

General Meeting and Program

Thursday, January 24, 2013

“Nature Up Close:  Macro Photograhy

by Jim and Joan Sarye, noted photographers


Jim and Joan are known for their "close up and personal" style of photography.  They will show images of the colorful flora and tiny fauna we find in Lake County.  The presentation encompasses macro photographs of frost & ice, butterflies & moths, flowers & mushrooms, dragonflies & damselflies, insects, spiders, reptiles, and other backyard visitors. It will give a perspective of nature likely never seen before, perhaps even residing in your own backyard.

To see and admire their photography, please visit their web site
:  Lincolnshire Riverwoods Fire Protection District Station 53

                 671 Woodlands Parkway
                 Vernon Hills, IL 60061

                 Click here for a map

Special Note on Parking:
Members should park at the fire station, using parking spots in the front and back of the building.  There is only room for 20 cars, so overflow parking is at the Children's Hospital next door (directly west of the fire station).  The hospital asks that we use the spots on the east side of the lot (those closest to the fire station) in order to leave spaces by their door for their patients.

Time:     9:30 am - Continental Breakfast
                10:00 am - Business Meeting
                10:30 am - Educational Program

A Message from our President, Jan Stefans

Happy New Year to all,

As I look out my window through my slightly snow-covered trees, I am planning my spring/summer garden.  All the newspapers and garden magazines say this is the time...golly, I just finished spreading mulch around my rose bushes yesterday, that would be December 28th, the day I considered to be the first hard frost of the year!  You are also suppose to prune your oaks now using a certified arborist with worker's compensation insurance.  Money well spent down the road I'd say.  But my money ran out with my ash tree removal this fall.  So, gardening is all about the green stuff...the plants, being green, and the payment of green! 

Our January meeting brings us to a new venue, the Vernon Area Fire Station off Milwaukee Road in Vernon Hills across from Lifetime Fitness.We will have our meetings there through May.  Please watch for Karen Kravitz's directions for parking your vehicles.

The nominating committee will be looking for volunteers for our 2013-2014 program year this month.
We have a variety of positions available and are looking for fresh faces with new ideas.

You can still keep your hands dirty this winter by freshening up your houseplants, making cuttings for a garden club friend or rescuing a new plant from the nursery or grocery store.  

                                                                                                    Remember, there's magic in the dirt,  Jan

Talking Dirt with Linda Lutz

Meet Sharon Adilman.................our new Assistant Webmaster

If you haven’t met Sharon yet now is a good time to get to know her.  Sharon has volunteered to "man" the Club's website.......for which we are all very grateful.  Coming from a graphic design background and being proficient in digital asset management, Sharon's goal in joining the Club is to improve her gardening skills to the level of her technical expertise.  While you probably haven't seen her at too many meetings, Sharon values her time spent with webmaster/treasurer/avid gardener/conservationist Rick Sanders.  Sharon reports that Rick is a subject knowledge expert, patient, and organized as he passes his skills and experience to her. Sharon’s aim is to maintain Rick's hard work and keep the LGC website informative.  One example is how Club members will better understand how they are able to download photo images from our website into their personal photo library.

Sharon is a 10-year Lincolnshire resident hailing from Western Massachusetts. She has lived in the Chicagoland area for 16-years.  When deciding where to live, Sharon's inclination was to pick a community as well as topography that resembled her roots. Lincolnshire even though the zones and climate are different; to her the area holds a feeling of home.  With her husband and 5-year old (girl/boy/girl) triplets, Sharon hopes to turn her philosophy of gardening into beautiful gardens... and she's ready to learn.  While Sharon wrestles with allergies (which were not too bad out east) to Midwest grasses, plants, and trees; her must know plant is poison ivy. (BTW- she is seeking any tips that will help her identify poison ivy in all seasons and stages.) 

Sharon understands that many things in life can affect your gardens. Early in her gardening life, Sharon's Bassett Hound would machete her hosta.  “Funny dog! If he didn't want to come in when called he would show his dominance. He would run through the hosta breaking the leaves and bite the stems.”  Discouraging to say the least after all her hard work.  Undaunted, Sharon is determined to develop her gardens in spite of her dog’s actions. 

Sharon hopes to increase her horticulture knowledge.  She looks forward to the day when "Wine and Weed" can be held at her home.  Her goal is to create gardens that are a symphony of color, texture and harmony in the landscape.  Her novice tip is based on life experience… “Try lots of things if you like what develops and blooms stick with it.”  For Sharon gardening isn't that different from other aspects of life just an extension of the learning process. That said, one thing Sharon still can't get used to are the annual cicadas; Around the second week in July she knows the loud buzz sound will begin.

Sharon is impressed with the Club's strong commitment to community service, looks forward to getting to know people as well as improving her gardening knowledge through our programs and tapping into members’ expertise.  Be sure to introduce yourself to Sharon and welcome her to the Club!

Plant Education with Joan Keyes

Okay, Everyone, dust off your winter brain and see if you can match the scientific name with the common name of the four plants/shrub/tree we have studied this fall.  If you get stuck, use the internet.

Scientific Name                                        Common Name

Chelone Lyonii "Hot Lips"                      Burning Bush

Gleditsia                                                      Toad Lily

Euonymys Alatus                                      Turtle Head

Tricyrtis Hirta                                            Honey Locust

Upcoming Club Events

Thursday, January 31 - Field Trip to the Milwaukee Domes Conservancy.  Click Here to get the details.

Thursday, February 7 - Board Meeting, Lincolnshire Village Hall

Thursday, February 21 -
General Membership Meeting, Lincolnshire-Riverwoods Fire Dept. Milwaukee Ave. Station

Support our Sponsors

Whenever possible, if you could support these sponsors in your day-to-day purchases, and even say "I'm shopping with you because you supported the Lincolnshire Garden Club," it would go a long way to encouraging these businesses to be generous to us again in the future. Thank you for your consideration.   Below are our Business Sponsors  (Address and contact information for our Business Sponsors can be found by clicking on the Donors in the menu bar on our website Home page.):

White Flower Farm

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Michael Donavan Handcrafted Glassware

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Prairie Crossing Learning Farm

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Garden Gate Magazine

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Ravinia Festival

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