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February 2013

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                Lincolnshire, Illinois                                                                                      February 2013

General Meeting and Program

Thursday, February 21, 2013

“Butterfly Gardening

with Rex A. Bastian, PhD

Rex Bastian, Ph.D. will discuss methods to attract butterflies to your garden using plants and other materials.  His presentation will introduce items for you may want to include in your garden. He will provide examples of garden designs and recommend a variety of plants to include in your garden that will attract all the beauty that is butterflies.
BONUS:  Handouts will be provided.

Rex joined The Care of Trees in January of 1989 after receiving his Ph.D. from Iowa State University, majoring in Entomology.  He is a Regional Technical Advisor with emphasis on education and training, safety, public relations and diagnostics, an International Society of Arboriculture, Board Certified Master Arborist and served as the 1996 President of the Illinois                                         Arborist Association.     

Time:     9:30 am - Continental Breakfast
                10:00 am - Business Meeting
                10:30 am - Educational Program

Where:  Lincolnshire Riverwoods Fire Protection District Station 53
                 671 Woodlands Parkway
                 Vernon Hills, IL 60061

                 Click here for a map

A Message from our President, Jan Stefans

Eve did it again!  I felt like it was spring as i walked for two hours through the Milwaukee Domes arid, tropical, and changing season gardens.  What a jolt to my green deprived soul!  I want to take a moment to thank Eve for all her efforts in putting together yet another spectacular field trip.  Always well thought out as to interest, distance, fabulous food locations and occasional shopping areas, Eve plans for all concerns.   Eve has made it her business to become Lincolnshire Garden Club's Field Trip Queen.  I, for one, bow to Queen Eve, thank you, thank you...

The Fire Station venue is a great location for our program meeting place.  The Vernon Are Fire Department has been wonderfully accommodating.  Let's make sure to thank them when and wherever
we can.

I am looking forward to Dr. Rex Bastian's Butterfly Gardening Program.  Now that I have taken down eight ash trees I have lots of sun and many gardens to rework to entice those butterfly beauties.  Can't wait to hear what Dr. Rex recommends!   See you all at the Fire Station on the 21st,  Jan

Talking Dirt with Linda Lutz

Twenty seven years ago when Susan and her husband moved to Lincolnshire, they thought they were on the edge of wilderness.  Susans husband was determined to have land and trees and he was not disappointed.   The view to Susans backyard was all trees.  Not sure of what she was in for Susan, a Brooklyn native, reminded her husband that first fall that someone had to rake all those leaves.  Her husband replied, hed do it in the spring.  That was Susans first indication that yard work would most likely require a landscaper!

Susan fell in love with the natural look of her backyard.  The first week she lived here, Susan happened to look out in her yard and she saw a really scary white animal with  a pink nose, ear and toe tips and a long tail that was not moving.   Susan did what every city girl wouldcalled her husband and the police (who assured her the opossum was not an alien.....Don't we all have a similar story!).  Since that time, Susan has learned to live with the wild animals of Lincolnshire including numerous raccoons, and on the afternoon of our interview, a Red-tailed Hawk, landing in her woods.   Susans back yard is in a constant state of change: neighbors have expanded their homes, some nearby trees have been removed leaving Susans stand of trees a great natural setting as well as a backyard gardening challenge.  She is hoping to learn great landscape tips and techniques for shady and wet areas from her fellow club members. 

Susans career in employee benefits, along with balancing the demands of work and family, did not leave her much time to master garden design and landscaping.  Now that her children are focusing on their future (Son Matt is finishing his last year in law school and daughter Deborah is pursuing a PhD in post Soviet land reforms) Susan is determined that she will keep up with the joneses in the gardening arena.   Susan looks around her neighborhood gardens and sees stiff competition so she is counting on the Garden Club to further her education and enable her to create beauty, interest, and the perfect plants in her own yard.

Come spring Susan says her hosta, could populate the whole neighborhood.  She keeps giving them away……so any community projects that are in need of hosta you know where to go.   Also exciting this spring will be Susans trip to the Ukraine, where shell see first-hand the area her daughter is studying as part of her graduate work. 

Many thanks to Kathy Swager (who assured Susan that you didnt have to know a lot about gardening to join the Garden Club) for inviting Susan to the Garden Club.  Please take an opportunity to welcome Susan to our Club!

Plant Education with Joan Keyes

The Care of Primrose
These little plants are just what we need this time of the year. They bring  lots of color and cheer into our homes and perhaps you may have won one at the Garden Club meeting or just popped a few into your grocery card.  When you take off the old bloom take it down, stem and all, to the base of the plant and as you do that you will see all the little buds. Don't let the plant dry out and if you can keep the leaves healthy, and as our soils warm up, it can be planted outside. I have seen mine bloom a second time outside and usually it will be a permanent part of our garden. Have fun !

Plant Identification Challenge
Have fun with this month's Latin refresher !!

Lesson # 1
Chelone lyonii  'How Lips' -    Turtlehead
Euonymus alatus  - Burning Bush

Lesson # 2
Gleditsia - Honey Locust Tree
Tricyrtis hirta-Toad Lily

Lesson# 3
Asclepias  - Milkweed

We were introduced to two species, but I'm giving you a break. Just be responsible for this name.

We will learn 2 more in Feb. and 2 more in March.

It's always good to have fun - AND THIS IS FUN !!

Help Wanted

New Field Trip Committee Being Formed by Eve Jacobs

Over the last three years there has been a tremendous response to the field trips that I have planned.  I love that so many of you enjoy coming to these special events.  We have done a survey a while back and I am using those results plus feedback from all of you for direction in planning.  I would like to keep this going and feel the time is now to enroll members and form a small committee of 3-4 members to assist me plan, research and execute more fun-filled trips.  It would also be good for our club to have a few more people involved in this area and in the planning process.  This would not be a lot of work; one or two casual meetings each year and the rest would be communicating via e-mail.  This is not in any way a Board position.  As a committee we would review what trips merit doing, best time to do them, and procuring information on them, and then setting them up.  I know that many of you are frequent attendees and I would love to have a few of you to help and enhance this aspect of our club.  If you’re interested please e-mail me at

Upcoming Club Events

Thursday, February 7 - Board Meeting, Lincolnshire Village Hall

Thursday, February 21 -
General Membership Meeting, Lincolnshire-Riverwoods Fire Dept. Milwaukee Ave. Station

Thursday, March 7 - Board Meeting, Lincolnshire Village Hall

Thursday, March 21 -
General Membership Meeting, Lincolnshire-Riverwoods Fire Dept. Milwaukee Ave. Station