February 2011 Newsletter

The Lincolnshire Garden Club

“52 Years and Growing”


The Flower Press

Lincolnshire, Illinois                                                                                                                                  February 2011




General Meeting and Program

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Yoga for Gardeners

Abby LeBoyer, Yoga Instructor




Please join the Lincolnshire Garden Club as we explore a new way to prepare our minds and bodies for getting the most out of our gardening season. 


Yoga and gardening are a natural pairing as they are both activities steeped in mindfulness. Planting a seed, nurturing its growth and experiencing its beautiful expression in full bloom coincide with the yoga process. 


Abby LeBoyer, a registered yoga instructor, will introduce the gentle basics of Hatha yoga:  poses, alignment, posture, breathe and deep relaxation.


Don't miss out, as participants of all levels will enjoy a calming, centering, and nurturing class.  No special clothes or mats needed.


Date:                Thursday, February 17, 2011

Time:                Business meeting 9:30am – 10:15am, Program 10:15am – 11:30am

Location:          Vernon Area Public Library 300 Olde Half Day, Lincolnshire, IL 60069



Message from our President, Jan Stefans

Spice House here I come!  After January's fabulous program on the "Lure and Lore of Spices," I will never use anything but the best spices that I can obtain for my recipes. Oh yum.  Thanks to Linda Berryman for putting together this very special program.  It was great seeing so many guests and former members. 


Please save the date: Friday, May 6th for our 35th Annual Benefit at Jeanne and Frank Top's house.  If you have not made your $45 donation or item valued at $45 please do so as soon as possible to our Benefit Chair Dawn Anderson.


The catalogs are coming, the catalog are coming...step one in planning this years garden.  Consider placing your orders together and splitting the shipping costs



Helpful Hints from Janice Hand

Wear Your Garden Gloves!

When you work in your gardens, wear your gloves.  Reason?  “Rose gardener’s disease,” which is caused by a soil-born fungus, Sporothrix schenckii.  This fungus enters the bloodstream via small cuts and nicks in the skin, which cause skin infections (and in extreme cases, can cause lung disease). The disease becomes evident up to 3 weeks after exposure, and is characterized by small, painless pink or purple bumps that form where the cut was, followed by larger bumps that look like boils and heal only very slowly. Rose gardener’s disease is not contagious, but requires a prescription medicine.

(Source:  Garden Gate Magazine 2/2011)


An Azalea? Or a Rhododendron?

Confused about the difference between these two?  Turns out it’s easy to identify which is which.  Part of the mystery is solved when you know that that azaleas are rhododendrons!  Azaleas are part of the Rhododendron genus, so all azaleas are technically rhododendrons. 


To tell the plants apart, look at the flowers.

1.   Azaleas have 5 stamens,

2.   Rhododendrons have 10 or more stamens, and

3.   If between 5 and 10, it’s a hybrid plant.

(Source:  Garden Gate Magazine 2/2011)


Instructions for “Planting” Moss

If you want to grow moss between stepping-stones, you could wait for a few years and hope that moss fills in by itself, or you give nature a bit of help by using the following recipe:


      gallon buttermilk

     •      2 cans beer

      •      Pinch of moss.

Shake thoroughly and pour the mixture where you want to grow moss.



Next Field Trip

Eve Jacobs has planned another exciting field trip!  This time we will be visiting The Chicago Flower and Garden Show.  The trip date will depend on the preference of the majority of attendees.  The dates under consideration are the following:  Tuesday, March 8th, Wednesday, March 9th and Thursday, March 10th.  Complete details of the event and RSVP instructions are on our website under the banner Our Next Field Trip.


Next Workshop

Jan Stefans and Merle Lynch have another great workshop on tap.  Merle is going to teach us how to make Spring Wreaths!  Here are the details:

Date:    Saturday, March 19th

When:  1:00pm-3:00pm

Where: Jan Stefans’ House, 18 Lancaster Lane

Bring:   your own wreath base and a glue gun (if you have one), all other supplies will be provided

RSVP to Jan: bunkystefans@yahoo.com or 847-945-6575


Going Green

  • Medication Disposal - The Highland Park Police Department has a disposal bin in their lobby for proper disposal of outdated medications, or meds that are no longer needed.  They send them out to be incinerated.  That way the meds do not leach into our groundwater via landfills or the toilet.  You need to black out any pertinent info on the labels with a black marker---which they will provide if you forget. The containers will then be recycled if possible.  Any liquids must be placed in a tightly sealed bag.   If you questions, you can reach the department at 847-432-7730.
  • Used Appliances – Habitat for Humanity in Gurnee accepts used, but in good working condition, appliances. You can contact them at 847-249-3160 to find out their exact criteria and to arrange a pick up.



We are always looking for new ideas and suggestions to be ecologically friendly, so please send them to Jeanne at newsletter@lincolnshiregardenclub.comNew ideas will be highlighted in one edition of the Newsletter and then moved our new Recycling section on the Lincolnshire Garden Club website (www.lincolnshiregardenclub.com/recyling).  This sight will include, among other things, upcoming special recycling events and a list of recycling locations for specific items.




Calendar of Upcoming Events


Thursday, February 11th              Board Meeting, 9:15 am, Jan Stefans’ home


Thursday, February 17th              General Meeting, 9:30 am, Vernon Area Library


Thursday, March 3rd                      Board Meeting, 9:15 am, Lincolnshire Village Hall


Thursday, March 17th                    General Meeting, 9:30 am, Vernon Area Library


Thursday, April 7th                          Board Meeting, 9:15 am, Lincolnshire Village Hall


Thursday, April 21st                        General Meeting, 9:30 am, Vernon Area Library