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April 2012

The Lincolnshire Garden Club

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The Flower Press

                                     Lincolnshire, Illinois                                                                            April 2012

The Lincolnshire Garden Club
invites you to our
36th Charitable Benefit
"In the Garden"
The Arboretum Club
401 Half Day Road, Buffalo Grove
Friday, April 13th
7:00 to 10:00 pm

Hors d'oeuvres and beverages served while you shop
the garden. All proceeds go to the community. The Garden
Club has donated over $200,000 to local community
organizations, the library, schools, and the Village.

Tickets:  Bought by April 3 are $37.50 (and include a free raffle ticket)
t after April 4 and at the door are $40 (but do not include a raffle ticket)
                Click Here to go to our website's Benefit page to access additional info and all forms.

A Message from our President, Linda Berryman

Spring is here!  Of course, like a true Midwesterner, ever suspicious of the weather, I keep waiting for that one last blast of winter.  I think this early spring has had me even more suspicious than usual.  Yet, all I have to do is take a walk outside to feel the ebullience of our Midwest Spring.  Every little green, yellow or red leaf bud, every spring flower blossom just puts a smile on my face.  My hope is you are finding the time to take notice too, and revel in this season of renewal.

Another sure sign Spring is truly here is our annual benefit is just a couple weeks away!  I’m very excited to share an evening with fellow garden club members and our invited friends at The Arboretum Club on Friday, April 13th.  Our Vice President of Ways and Means, Kathleen Young-Perkins, and her creative and resourceful committee, have put together an evening of fun and surprises.  As our gardening season begins, everyone will have a chance to find that special item to feed their enthusiasm for making their outdoor space or entertaining in it just a bit more special.  I think besides getting to spend a fun evening with some of my favorite people, I simply love the thought of what good things will come to others in our community because of it.  It’s a “feel good” night not to be missed!

I’m so glad so many of you found your way to our March 15th meeting at the College of Lake County’s Southlake campus.  I appreciate the extra effort everyone gave to attend.  I also would like to thank those in attendance for your positive support of the allocations committee’s choices for this year’s grant recipients.  I know you share my appreciation for the careful considerations Janice Hand and her committee gave to their important task. A total of nine different organizations in our community will benefit from the generosity of all our club members’ efforts.  It makes me very proud to be a member of a group of people who give so much of their time and talents to make our place on Earth just a bit better.  Thank you!

See you “In The Garden” soon!

Nominations for the 2012-2013 Executive Board of Directors

The nomination committee (Linda Berryman, Jane Bisk, Kim Bisk, Janice Hand and Jeanne Top), is pleased to announce the following slate of nominees as the executive officers for the 2012-2013 Lincolnshire Garden Club Executive Board:

  • President- Linda Berryman*
  • Vice President Ways and Means (Benefit)- Jan Stefans
  • Vice President Programs- Karen Kravits
  • Vice President Allocations- Hazel Weaver
  • Recording Secretary- Meg Zimmerman*
  • Corresponding Secretary- Mary Lou Bartlett*
  • Treasurer- Rick Sanders*

  *Denotes returning officer


The membership will vote on each nominee at the May 17, 2012 general club meeting at the CLC Southlake campus.

Look Who’s Budding Now, by Karen Kravits

“Look Who’s Budding Now” is a spotlight on our new Garden Club members.  This month we talk with 
Andrea Fossier.  Andrea lives in Lincolnshire with her husband David, an engineer with Novaspect, Inc., and their two kids Kyle, 12 and Anna, 10.  Andrea is pictured with their 8 month old puppy, Henry – like the candy bar.

How long have you and your family lived in Vernon Hills?

We have lived here 2 ½ years.

What do you like about Lincolnshire?

The people are nice and down to earth.  It’s quiet with houses a little more spread out.  And, we are close to family.  In fact, David’s parents live right around the corner.

What made you decide to join the Garden Club?

Joan Keyes invited me, and I love gardening.

Has it been what you expected it to be?

It’s even more fun than I thought it would be.  The Club offers great topics, and it’s a fun group of ladies.

What is the biggest challenge you face in your own garden?

Where to start?  The whole back yard needs doing.

Has your experience with the Garden Club changed the way you look at your garden?

Not really, but it has given me more ideas.

Of what help could the Garden Club be to you?

I’d like to learn more about what I can and cannot plant in this area.

Who is your biggest gardening inspiration?

My mom is an artist.  She loves a colorful garden.  She taught me how to use contrast in gardens.  And both my parents did a lot of gardening themselves.

What is your favorite plant?

Hydrangeas and astilbe, which has a beautiful stem even when it is no longer blooming.

Is there one tip you can share with us on your gardening techniques?

I’m still such a beginner but water, water and more water.

Thank you for spending time with us.  And, stay tuned for more introductions to our new members as we take a peek into how their gardens grow.

Gardeners of Central Lake County Annual Plant Sale

Date:    Saturday May 12, 2012 (rain or shine)

Time:    8:30 am-11:00 am

Location:  Libertyville Civic Center Loading Dock (135 W. Church St., Libertyville, across from Cook Memorial Library)

Offerings:  mature perennials, herbs, ground covers, and more dug from local gardens

Report of Findings: LGC Programs Survey by Eve Jacobs

First off a great big thank you to all members who participated in our on-line survey about the Club’s trips, tours and workshops.  We appreciate your response.  A surprising 65% of members (43) responded to the survey, a response rate that is considered to be “extremely good”. The summary below highlights key survey findings.  Percentages are based on the number responding to each question and only key findings are shown.

Field trips and tours are important factors in members’ enjoyment of the LGC – 63% said that field trips/tours are either Fairly or Highly Important. 71% reported having attended at least one tour/trip in the past two years.

In contrast, hands-on crafts workshops appeal to a smaller proportion of members – 34% rated these are either Fairly or Highly Important.  46% of respondents reported having attended at least one craft workshop in the past two years.

Notably, very few members regard either of these types of events as Not at All Important (just 5-7%).

The survey asked members for the likelihood that they would attend three types of events. The strongest enthusiasm is for gardening field trips.

            Type of Event                         “Probably” or “Definitely” Would Attend

            1.     Gardening Field Trip                                   84%

            2.     Cultural Field Trip                                       65%

            3.     Hand-on Craft Workshop                           50%

The greatest proportion of LGC members voted for field trips during weekdays (although almost half said that Saturdays would be good) and could be over two hours from Lincolnshire.  Overnight trips and multiple day trips will have a limited pool of interest members (only 20% indicated that it was likely they would attend these types of field trips).

When asked about the upper limit of costs for a daytime field trip a range between $40 and $50 was the most frequently selected response, assuming the trip was interesting to the member and the costs would cover transportation and entrance fees, but not lunch.

“Preferred” trips are Day Trips and based on the respondents who indicated that they would Likely Would Attend or Definitely Would Attend, four day trips generated the most interest.  They are:

            Day Trip to:                                                     % Likely to Attend

        1.  Local Private Gardens                                                             74%

        2.  Milaegers Garden Center                                                       70%

        3.  Milwaukee Art Museum & Milwaukee Dome Gardens    65%

        4.  Morton Arboretum                                                                  65%

        5.  Cantigny Museum and Garden                                             60%

        6.  Boerner Botanical Garden                                                     58%

        7.  Lake County Discovery Museum                                          51%

        8.  Al’s Autobody and Arboretum                                              49%

        9.  Illinois  State Beach Park                                                       49%

        10.  Volo Bog                                                                                   42%

        11.  Art Institute of Chicago                                                          37%

Overnight Trips – In contrast, none of the four overnight multi-day trips in the survey received high enthusiasm.  The highest proportion of likely attendees “voted” for a Flower Factory and Madison Farmers’ Market trip.  For a two-day overnight field trip, cost sensitivity seemed to start at about $150 to $200 assuming that the trip was interesting to the member and the costs would cover room, transportation, and entrance fees, but not food.

            Overnight Trip to:                                                       % Likely to Attend

        1.  Flower Factory, Madison Farmers’ Market                          48%

        2.  Botanical Garden and/or Longnecker Arboretum             40%

        3.  Tipton Gardens (Michigan)                                                     40%

        4.  Philadelphia Flower Show                                                        12%    

Based on the results of this survey it leads me to plan the following upcoming, exciting field trips.  You will be receiving e-mails and info on the website for details on these trips in the near future.

Mileagers Tour , Tuesday, May 22, 2012  includes the opportunity to get high quality plants for your spring/summer plantings.  Uncommon opportunity to see the production greenhouses in peak season, rare species, things they do to reduce/eliminate diseases, etc.

Private Garden Tour of Craig Bergmann’s, Wednesday, June 13, 2012, Tour of the new (2011) Lake Forest home/office property.  Craig’s style and appeal in garden design is legendary…..there will be many inspiring ideas for you to see….a rare treat!

Private Garden Tour of “Camp Rosemary” in Lake Forest on Thursday, July 12, 2012.  “Mosy with Posy” Posy Krehbiel has invited 40 lucky members to tour parts of her home, the west

terrace, greenhouse, gardens, pool and pool house with refreshments afterwards. Posy’s gardens boast extraordinary perfection in flower growing and are beautiful, colorful and extremely meticulous. This is rare a opportunity you won’t want to miss!

A huge thank you to Janice Hand for producing the survey and to Rick Sanders for all of his help and for both of their unending inspiration and support to me and the LCG.  We couldn’t do it without you two!

Looking forward to having fun and seeing all of you at our upcoming field trips – summer is coming!!